What are your excuses for not going vegan?

excuses for not going vegan

As a vegan and a fitness freak, I’ve heard all kinds of excuses as to why people aren’t eating healthy.  So what are your excuses for not going vegan?

In addition to my favorite and most common quote…”well, we don’t eat a lot of meat,” which of course means they do eat a lot of meat, I often hear the craziest rationale as to why people aren’t able to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.

By far the most cited reason as to why someone is can’t go vegan, isn’t eating healthy, not exercising or even not taking out the recycling is because of their spouse or significant other.

I hear this excuse all the time and it goes something like this:  “well, I would eat healthy but Tom loves to eat chicken wings and so eating vegan totally wouldn’t work for us.”  Or, “I would go vegan but my husband loves to order pizza.” ” I would eat healthier but my partner just loves his junk food.”  “I would work out but she doesn’t like to run.”

The funny part about all this bizarre excuse-making is that it completely removes the burden of responsibility and places it on someone else.  In other words, it’s not me, it’s them.

They are the ones keeping me from adopting a totally plant-based, kick ass healthy diet or a consistent exercise program.  If it wasn’t for them I would be in the best shape of my life, with the perfect diet and the most disciplined of exercise routines.

Of course, this is total bullshit.  Just because everyone else is doing something or wants things a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to do it or that you have no choice in the matter.  Your lifestyle choices don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s.  In fact, if your lifestyle choices are identical to everyone else, chances are you’re making some pretty poor choices.

Sure, in an ideal world, your whole family would see the errors of their ways and adopt an active, healthy vegan lifestyle at the exact same moment that you do.  But that isn’t likely to happen.  Very few couples, and even fewer entire families, adopt a vegan diet at the same time.  I’m sure it happens, but it’s just not likely.

So what will you do?  Will you shelf your plans to become healthy and happy by adopting a vegan diet and saving the environment and preventing animal suffering because everyone in the world isn’t doing it at the exact time you are?  That seems silly, but judging by the excuses I’ve heard I sometimes wonder if that’s what people are expecting to have happen.

The bad news is you likely won’t have company on your journey to adopt a healthy diet.  If you’re plan is to wait until that happens then you might as well not even do it.

Seriously, stop waiting for that rarest of rare occasions to happen.  Solar eclipses are more frequent than two people deciding to adopt a massive lifestyle change at the same time, not to mention a whole family.

Instead, get committed to your own healthy lifestyle and make it happen.  Set an example for your family or your spouse by doing it regardless of their timeline.  You can’t control their actions and you’ll frustrate the heck out of yourself and everyone else by trying.  Not to mention you’ll fail every time.

Focus on what you can control.  You can control the food that goes into your mouth.  You really can.  You don’t have to ask permission to give up unhealthy food that makes you feel terrible.  You can be a wolf pack of one.

You might feel a little like Will Ferrel in the movie Old School, where he finds himself streaking through the streets.  By himself.   Like streaking, making bold lifestyle changes is tough to make by yourself.  You may feel lonely and naked.

That is, unless you really don’t want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and you’re just using this as an excuse.  That’s undoubtedly the case for many people that shift the responsibility to someone else.  They never intended to do it anyway.  Probably, many other things they’re not doing in their life are also the result of bullshit excuses.  It’s a pattern.

Take some time to think about the things you aren’t happy with in your life and what’s preventing you from making that change.  Are you taking responsibility for why these changes aren’t happening?  Or are you blaming someone or something else for why you’re not doing what you need to do to live the healthiest life you can?

You need to.  No waiting for someone else to approve of what you’re doing or to even be okay with it.  That can come later.  Or never.

Whatever the case, take responsibility for your life and every single choice you make.