field of lettuceCould it really be that simple?  That to live well, all you need to do is eat plants?

Everyone wants to live in a clean, healthy body.  Sadly, most people have no idea how directly the food they eat influences whether or not they’ll ever obtain that clean, healthy body.

Unprocessed, fresh, raw, organic, whole fruits and vegetables should make up the majority of your diet if you’re looking to achieve maximum health.

Undoubtedly, that statement brings up a lot of questions in your mind.  That’s expected.  Surely you didn’t grow up eating only unprocessed, fresh, raw, organic whole fruits and vegetables.  I know I didn’t.

I grew up eating canned and boxed foods, like Swanson’s  Salisbury Steak TV dinners and Campbell’s Tomato Soup.  My culinary specialty as a kid was a triple decker Skippy peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with 3 slices of Wonder bread.  I pretty much lived on those during the years I was rockin’ the pig tail hairdo (age 2-12).

My diet couldn’t be any different from that now.  I’m vegan.  I eat whole, unprocessed raw vegetables and fruits.  If I do eat cooked foods I avoid salt, sugar and added fats.  Most (around 80%) of my calories come from carbohydrates, and the remainder is from protein and fat.

I love the way I eat!  Contrary to what most people imagine, eating a vegan diet of fresh foods is super tasty, filling and so much easier than eating any other way.

I started this site and my YouTube channel to help others transition to a vegan, whole foods lifestyle.  I write blog posts and post videos to answer questions and show people how great it can be to eat this way.

Understand that eating vegan not only improves your health, but also the health of our planet.  While both of these should motivate you to embrace this lifestyle, the biggest motivator for me is the animals.

I want nothing to do with supporting modern agriculture and it’s treatment of farm animals.  The conditions under which cows, pigs, chickens and fish live prior to appearing on a dinner plate is something that most people refuse to watch.  Yet, they continue to buy and consume products derived from animal suffering.

This disconnect between not wanting to harm animals but still eating them is something I was a  part of prior to becoming vegan.  It made me uncomfortable to think about animal suffering, so when I finally gave up all animal products I felt so much more aligned with my values.

The good news?  You don’t even need animal products.  In fact, you’re way better off without them.  Vegan food is delicious!  Raw vegan food is amazing! And if you’re worried about making the transition, just know that changing your palate is possible, I’ve even written about it here!

So let’s get started.  Read through my website.  Jump over to YouTube and watch my channel, EatPlantsLiveWell!

Let’s transition you to a healthy, unprocessed diet of fresh, raw and seasonal fruits and veggies.



  1. Are you still out there? Just found your youtube channel but nothing new in almost a year. Thank you for what is there.

    • said…

      Hi Brian…I’m still here, just posting on the blog now and again. Working on some new youtube videos. Thanks for commenting!

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